The I.S.D. 197 Education Foundation supports educational opportunities that help our learners build successful lives.  We do so by seeking additional resources that will enable our teachers to consider new avenues to improve and enhance learning throughout the district.  We allow more imaginative and creative ways for students to learn by generating financial support for programs, equipment, and projects that promote and enhance excellence in our schools.

Who We Are

We  are parents, teachers and community members united to invest in  educational opportunities that promise the brightest possible future for  Independent School District 197 students.  Read More


What We Fund

Gifts to the I.S.D. No. 197 Education Foundation serve the interests of more than 4,600 students who attend its public schools. Our goal is to raise funds for programs and activities not funded through customary public funding. Read more.

Funded Reading Program a Success!

The Foundation awarded a district-wide grant called “Take My Teacher Home”.  It is modeled after a successful program used in Boulder, CO that provides intensive intervention for Kindergarten students not performing at grade-level in literacy skills. Materials are sent home with the student and consist of audio-guided instruction in vocabulary, letter names and sounds, and letter formation.

The first 15-week program is nearing completion, and teachers report that the results are remarkable. At the 10 week mark, many students have already achieved a level of competency that had previously taken the entire school year to reach.

A parent representative reported that his son is so excited about the program that he reviews the material multiple times each night without being prompted. Other feedback from parents include younger siblings expressing interest in the materials, and a greater under-standing of the mechanics of teaching literacy skills, which leads to enhanced engagement in the learning process.

The teachers have had wonderful support from technical staff and principals, and are so enthused by the results that they are already thinking of ways to adapt the program to support students as they progress to word formation and reading.